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Fake Tree

We are a faith-based counseling center located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our team of highly trained and experienced therapists are committed to helping the whole person - mind, body, and spirit.

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The journey towards healing, growth, and whole person health can start today.


Hope is fundamental to our ability to look forward.  It is the motivation to participate in everyday life and believe the best is yet to be.


Healing is a journey that is not meant to walk alone.  Restoration is achieved best when we can identify and recognize our need for help.


Growth occurs when we make the  consistent effort to choose to walk in health.  It is the product of cultivating hope and healing.


Team Talk


We are a group of trained and experienced therapists dedicated to helping you navigate life's many trying circumstances.  We invite you to meet our team and start your journey.  START HERE >>

We came to Barbara fearing that our marriage was destined for failure.  Having been married for over 23 years we didn't believe we could change the destructive path we were on.  Barbara gently identified our individual and joint needs so that we could reroute our journey together through trust, love and faith.  Because of Barbara, we no longer fear the future together, but embrace it with great joy.

Charity Richardson is a counselor unlike her peers….From the first moment, Charity pointed me towards Jesus—and only Jesus….I have encountered the most beautiful, difficult journey of healing and grace through pain and sorrow… I would not be the woman I am today without her influence, love, and bravery. She daily faces the worst parts of this world and then points out how to see Jesus shine the brightest.

Dr. Michael Bird met me with compassion and grace when I needed it most.  He took great care of my deep, incredibly painful wounds allowing me to work towards authentic hope and healing.  Dr. Bird provides practical, specific, Biblically based tools to lead you to a place of restoration.  He can be trusted and will provide you a safe and confidential place to be heard and valued.  His work and influence in my life has had immeasurable impact.


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