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Barbara Chandler

Barbara enjoys working with people of all ages who desire to understand themselves and improve their relationships. She helps clients walk forward and process their life experiences through self-discovery, personal insight leading them to hope and freedom.

Barbara is a graduate of the University Of Colorado at Colorado Springs with a degree in Community Counseling. After working at a local hospice for 7 years she has been in private practice for the past 10 years.  Her training includes acute and chronic illness, grief, loss, communication, parenting, crisis pregnancy, marriage, compulsive sexual behavior, and caregiver support.


She specializes in working with people from teens up who have gone through trauma, loss, broken relationships and unresolved grief and who desire to grow personally and improve their relationships through the grid of these wounds in order to resolve them by self-discovery, gaining insight, hope and freedom as a result. She has experience in communication, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, trauma and life transitions.


Barbara’s experience for the past 17 years Over the years Barbara and her husband have done a variety of ministry with youth, women in crisis, and leading small groups of peers. She and her husband are in their 4th decade of marriage and have 3 grown children who have all “flown the coop” and started their own families. 


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