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Robert D. Hill

On the surface, it might look like you’ve got your life all to put together, but deep down inside you’re barely making it. Your emotions are out of control or worse: your feelings are numb. Maybe you avoid feeling altogether with alcohol, drugs, or sex.

That voice in your head harps on your mistakes and makes life seem hopeless. Maybe this comes from a hard life of past abuse and trauma. You’re tired of struggling and barely getting by with traditional help and/or medications. Therapy from a big healthcare clinic is cookie-cutter and very limited to help you in your situation.

While you will sacrifice everything for your family, especially your kids, you feel alone with nobody to take care of you and you don’t know how to break free. Not anymore. It’s time for a change. You want healthy relationships, a thriving career, and spiritual fulfillment. There is a way to truly heal and live the life you were created for.

You’re ready to take the next step to get unstuck and get back on top of your game. I am a Christian and can offer help from a biblical perspective if desired. I also have specialized training working with older adults and military. I previously worked in the Foreign Service as a diplomat.


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